Live Casino Has Nothing To Do With Random Number Generators At Global Live Casino!

Players with some experience playing at online casinos will know that the acronym RNG stands for Random Number Generator. This is associated with the Internet gaming software and handles the results of online casino games. Everything from the card that has to be dealt next, the dice number that has to show up, and the number where the ball on the roulette wheel is placed; is taken care of by the powerful RNG.

When casino games first came online, software using RNG was used and for years it continued to be the quintessential form of casino games. There was no stopping the huge number of platform developers that brought out games in hundreds.

Some of the bigger casinos like the Global Live Casino had hundreds of games that used these random number generators; like roulette, craps, baccarat, blackjack and slots. While these casinos were well frequented, there still remained some skepticism among players, about inhuman computer software being responsible for generating the outcome of the games and whether it offered fair gaming.

This dissatisfaction led to the beginning of a new concept in online games: live casino games. If you play live casino at Global Live Casino, which was one of the very first casinos to offer this new concept to players, you will understand why it is being called a revolution in online gaming. Live games at this site, instead of depending on RNG for the outcome; rely on the powerful Distance Gaming technology.

This highly advanced technology uses video streaming to bring real world casinos to the players' computer screens. Everything from the tangible casino equipment to the live dealers and real players are broadcast live on the computers, and players can participate in that real game in action. The results are real as are the different rules of the games. It is like playing at an exotic real-world casino in Dublin or Las Vegas.